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Augmented Reality (AR) tool to Increase Emotional Responsiveness in Children

The Moment software is the first-of-its-kind social skills training tool using the technology of augmented reality (“AR”). The purpose of the Moment software is to increase student engagement during individual or group counseling sessions, helping children identify feelings and emotions with the use of popular 3D images in the palm of their hand. 

For Professionals / Teachers
The Emotion Cube/Moment App is multi-purposed for psychologists, marriage/family therapists, behavior specialists, speech/language pathologists, occupational therapists, and other mental health support providers.


The Emotion Cube/Moment App can be used as a counseling tool, but can also be used as a screener and part of an assessment.


The Emotion Cube/Moment App allows the provider to engage the student with the latest technology, while also using time efficiently to address student’s needs.
For Parents
Use the Emotion Cube/Moment App to practice identifying feelings


Using the Emotion Cube/Moment App enables the parent to engage in meaningful discussion with their child


Using the Emotion Cube/Moment App encourages one-on-one parent and child interaction
Optimal Potential
First of its kind, AR device used for intervention for children with ASD and mental health needs


Universal without the influence of language


Multi-age range, but primarily targeting 8-13

Special Features


Help identify different feelings/emotions through unique characters. Primary feelings/emotions include: happy, sad, angry, fear/scared, bored and disgusted.
Clicking/Tapping on each individual character then introduces six variations of that specific feeling/emotions. Expanded scenarios within each character are listed below:
Happy: Joyful, Individual Success, Team Success, Congratulating, Physical/Love
Sad: Personal Loss, Family Loss, Tangible Loss, Neglect, Alone, Self-Reflection
Angry: Fighting with others, Lashing Out, Jealousy, Tantrum, Loss
Fear/Scared: External Fear of Objects, Anxiety/Worry in Social Situations
Bored: Uninterested in School, Alone, Lacking Responsiveness with others/objects
Disgusted: Physically Sick due to External Stimuli or Perception to such Stimuli


Help facilitate further language development by teaching multiple verbs/actions through the characters. Tap on each character for additional actions.


Help lead discussion and roleplay through social scenarios. Tap through for various scenarios to allow for further social skill development.
EQ Scrubber

EQ Scrubber

Scrub through the different levels of emotions per character from the lowest level 1 to the highest level 5.
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